Restaurant Menu 餐馆菜单

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Our Restaurant combine of Tranditional Chinese & the Modern.

Here you will enjpy your day with relaxed, warm, friendly atmosphere.


Please check our Fresh, hot, fantastic buffet menu. 

A La Carte Buffet - EAT AS MUCH AS YOU LIKE 

You can enjoy our full service on your table. Order on your table, we will bring you the fresh cooked food to you. Enjoy It !


Also we have our Lunch Set Meal, suitable for students and office colleges who have limited lunch break time, and you can have a simply lunch with your friends !  

Lunch set meal

Over 50 dishes, including Appetizer, Soup and Main meal offer you to choose. It is very Valuable . 


We also offer very traditional Chinese Special dishes on our Special Chinese Meal, you can come and try something NEW!